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 Times and Seasons Prophetic Conference


Organic Structures and Ecosystems

Riveting dual sessions by Babs ​Adewunmi on Unlocking Scrolls and Patterns of Organic Life Structures and Ecosystems of Coming Apostolic Centres (recorded at the monthly School of the Spirit, Centreport Apostolic Centre with Ernest Paul).

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Lagos Prophetic Conference 2016 Audios (Babs Adewunmi)



Minna Stretch Conference Audios (NEW!)
Listen to raw prophetic chants on day 1, to dethrone ruling thrones of the air, as the presence of God broke into the hall, lightning was seen streaking in the skies over the building…
Listen to Morning session, day 2, on Ranking and circles, a rainbow encircled the sun as the revelation and teaching on apostolic circles was shared.
It may look like a battle, but what it really is, is an open door to ranking… the final session comes with decrees and insight regarding the manifestation of the kingly anointing at the gates, the breaker has passed through the gates!

Building Patterns and Measures – SOTS 13th April, 2015 (11mb)

 The Flow of Life 79.9Mb

 Impartation of Spirit Materials 75Mb

 War of Thrones 38Mb

 Wrong Structures 47Mb

 Diorthosis – The Reality of Dimensions 17Mb

 Diorthosis Part 2 135Mb

 Territorial Priesthood 38Mb

 Structural Alignment 26Mb

 The Spirit of The Breaker 40Mb